About Brash87 Hockey


Brash87 Hockey is a high performance hockey stick company which provides the top quality without paying a high price.

Our sticks are affordable and compare to any high end stick on the market today. Brash87 hockey sticks are designed by former professional hockey player Donald Brashear. Donald played 1023 games in the best league in the world the National Hockey League. His passion to help people and create an affordable hockey stick for every player to use has come to reality with our high performance sticks. Our company is growing every day and our commitment to excellence is well represented. 

Donald started the company to help people. He was a passionate player, and remains a passionate person.

He not only has made a high performance hockey stick, but to help people, he has made it affordable for everyone. Our goal is to help minor league players to the everyday adult player experience a top quality stick at an affordable price. We help people, and people buy our product. We are committed to making a high performance hockey stick with you in mind and never sacrifice quality. Quality before Profit.  Our sticks are sold directly from Donald Brashear himself or online at Brash87hockey.com

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